Intelligently designed implants.

Meticulously engineered for optimal functionality and enhanced clinical outcomes.

Comprehensive selection

Wide array of low-profile headed, zero-profile headless compression, and snap-off screws from 2.0 through 7.0 mm.

Precision performance

All screws are self-drilling, self-tapping, and reverse cutting.

STAR Drive

All cannulated screws utilize STAR drive design to ensure maximum torque and reduced head stripping.

Innovative instrumentation.

Designed with speed, precision and control as guiding principles to enhance performance.

Ratcheting handle

Ergonomic design with silicone grip inspires a soft yet confident grip with immediate tactile feedback, whether delicate or high torque.

Head-specific countersinks

Unique instruments for all headed and headless screw options to maximize compression while minimizing screw head prominence.

3-in-1 Snap-off screwdriver

Countersinking driver with built-in depth gauge ensures precise placement while minimizing steps.

Intuitive tray design.

Thoughtful layouts make our trays easier and more efficient to navigate for surgeons and staff.

Clean, bright implant caddies

Implants are clearly organized and labeled for easy selection.

Procedure-flow layout

Instruments and implants organized with surgical technique in mind.

Color-coded system

Instruments are matched with implants to reduce the chance of errors.

Sterile processing efficiency

Comprehensive trays mean fewer sets to clean and sterilize with less time and cost.