Pre-Hydrated Bioimplant System2018-03-20T15:58:46+00:00

Ready when you are.

Pre-shaped Evans and Cotton wedges preserved in a calcium chloride solution enhance surgical speed, graft strength and performance.

Pre-hydrated for speed
and strength.

The patent-pending aqueous calcium chloride solution allows wedges to be stored fully hydrated for immediate use.

  • Eliminates idle time.
  • Preserves structural integrity of the graft.
  • Reduces the likelihood of intra- and  post-operative graft crumbling.

Pre-shaped for
uncompromised performance.

Made of dense cancellous bone, each wedge is pre-shaped to eliminate the time and waste of cutting a bone block.

  • Withstands the physical demands placed on structural grafts.
  • Fully incorporates and resorbs—but removes easily if needed.

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