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Fuse the intuition of nature with the power of innovation.

Our bioactive bone graft is a breakthrough in bone healing. It’s intelligently designed to respond to the body’s own regenerative signals throughout the repair process to build a strong architecture of bone, from foundation to finished structure.

Powerful. Moldable. Accessible.
Engineered with a patented trio of proven bioactive elements and resorbable carrier, it’s ready to rebuild when you are.

Proven biomaterials
Bioactive glass combines with a dynamic biphasic mineral composite of beta-tri calcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite granules. Together, these proven biomaterials respond to the body’s own regenerative process to support bone healing at all stages.

Superior handling
Smooth, waxy texture can be shaped and sculpted to fit any defect. Our synthetic bone graft maintains integrity when combined with autologous bone, and stays firmly in place during irrigation.

Surgery-ready convenience
Ready to go at a moment’s notice, our synthetic bone graft is conveniently pre-loaded in an open barrel syringe applicator and stored at room temperature with no special preparation required.

Just like human bone, for optimal healing
The micro and macro porosity structure of our biphasic mineral composite is similar to that of human cancellous bone, so it works harmoniously with the body’s natural healing process.1-2

Balanced resorption for a smooth transition
The bone graft holds strong until it is fully replaced by new host bone. So the cadence between graft and growth is seamless.


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