Advanced bone graft options.

Activate your fusion.

ACTIVITM Fiber Viable Bone Matrix

  • Cryopreserved, osteogenic graft with >650,000 viable native bone cells per cc post-thaw
  • Unique processing technology protects healthy cell population and viability
  • 3D interwoven demineralized cortical fiber scaffold (osteoinductive and osteconductive)
  • Simple preparation with no mixing or decanting required

ACTIGLASSTM Synthetic Bioactive Putty

  • Optimized combination and ratio of proven biomaterials to support bone healing at all stages
  • Bioglass to facilitate a rapid biological response
  • Biphasic β-TCP/HA granules to support a controlled and balanced resorbtion profile
  • Rapid resorbing, polymer carrier for enhanced handling and moldability

ACTISTIMTM Demineralized Fiber Putty

  • Carrier-free, 100% human allograft putty formulation
  • 3D interwoven demineralized cortical fiber scaffold (osteoinductive and osteconductive)
  • Improved handling, wicking and mixing characteristics
  • Terminally sterilized with gamma irradiation to Sterility Assurance Level of 106

Pre-hydrated reconstructive bioimplants.

Maximized strength, peformance, and efficiency during flatfoot reconstruction.

Pre-hydrated in an aqeuous calcium chloride solution

  • Preserves structural integrity of the graft
  • Rreduces the chance of intra- and post-operative graft crumbling
  • Eliminates idle time once graft size has been determined and selected

Pre-shaped from dense cancellous allograft

  • Withstands the physical demands placed on structural grafts
  • Fully incorporates and resorbs
  • Recovered from the patella and talus

Amnion solutions.

Born to nurture. Powered by nature.

Promote healing with Amnion

  • Safe, natural graft option to support healthy tissue regeneration
  • Studies show that amniotic fluid contains important growth factors
  • Helps decrease inflammation, scarring, and adhesions at the surgical site

Available in multiple form factors

  • Ambient temperature liquid, ready to use with no required thawing or prep
  • Cryopreserved liquid, flowable for precise delivery to the intended site
  • Dual-layer patch, hydrated rapidly and readily adheres to wound or surgical site