Intelligently designed implants.

Meticulously engineered for optimal functionality and enhanced clinical outcomes.

Comprehensive selection

23 unique plate options from 8 plate families: Metatarsal Straight, T, L, Z, 5th Metatarsal Hook, Talar Neck, Cuboid, Navicular.

5th metatarsal hook plates

Innovative sysyem for proximal fracture fixation allows for a cannulated approach for simple plate placement.

Three-diameter polyaxial locking

Universal plate holes accept 2.0, 2.4 and 2.7 mm polyaxial locking and non-locking screws, allowing for maximum intraoperative flexibility and patient-customized fixation.

Anatomically countoured

Each plate is designed to match the unique, anatomical structures of the foot, and machined from a single block of titanium alloy using state-of-the-art five-axis CNC technology to ensure greater strength.

Minimal profile

Fabricated with exceptionally smooth, beveled edges around every surface of the plate to minimize soft tissue irritation and provide greater patient comfort.

Innovative instrumentation.

Designed with speed, precision and control as guiding principles to enhance performance.

5th metatarsal system

Unique guide, nitiniol drill pin, inserter, and impactor aids in proper plate alignment, fracture reduction, and final plate fixation.

Mini ratcheting handle

Ergonomic design with silicone grip inspires a soft yet confident grip with immediate tactile feedback, whether delicate or high torque.

Equipped for your convenience

Beyond instruments for the plates and screws, the system includes mini hohmanns, periosteal elevator, serrated and point-to-point reduction forceps, bone fragment pick, bending pliers, and plate cutter.

Intuitive tray design.

Thoughtful layouts make our trays easier and more efficient to navigate for surgeons and staff.

Clean, bright implant caddies

Implants are clearly organized and labeled for easy selection.

Procedure-flow layout

Instruments and implants organized with surgical technique in mind.

Color-coded system

Instruments are matched with implants to reduce the chance of errors.

Sterile processing efficiency

Comprehensive trays mean fewer sets to clean and sterilize with less time and cost.