Foot Recon Plating System2019-05-20T09:49:14+00:00

Intelligently designed for more efficient, precise surgery.

Low-profile, polyaxial locking foot plating and custom instrumentation intelligently designed for the most common reconstructive foot procedures.

Clinically advanced.

Our foot plates, screws and instruments are methodically engineered for exceptional quality and precision.

Strong implants
Meticulously fabricated from a single block of titanium alloy; never bent during the manufacturing process to preserve integrity.

Anatomically contoured plates
Helps reduce time in the O.R. since little or no plate bending is required.

Minimal profile
Smooth, beveled edges minimize soft tissue irritation and provide greater patient comfort.

Optimal functionality.

Medline UNITE is designed to enhance control with more intraoperative flexibility and increased efficiency.

Polyaxial locking
Up to 15 degrees off axis to promote customized, patient-specific fixation.

Universal plate holes
Accept both 2.7 mm and 3.5 mm locking and non-locking screws, providing greater surgical flexibility.

Steep compression ramps
Strategically located in hard, diaphyseal bone encourages more effective compression at the joint.

Intuitive instrumentation.

Intuitive design makes the tray easier and more efficient to navigate for surgeons and staff.

Greater efficiency
Instruments and implants are arranged in order of procedure flow.

Faster identification
Color-coded system matches instruments to the appropriate screws.

Better protection
Wires and pins are housed in protective aluminum tubes.