Ankle Fracture Plating System2019-05-20T09:46:37+00:00

Prepare for a wide range of ankle fracture patterns.

Our innovative system contains an extensive selection of clinically advanced plates, screws and instruments to deliver outstanding precision and efficiency.

Exceptional quality and precision.

Our implants are meticulously crafted with titanium alloy for exceptional strength, quality and performance.

Minimal profile
Smooth, beveled edges minimize soft tissue irritation and provide greater patient comfort.

Anatomically contoured plates
Designed to match the unique contours of the distal tibia and fibula.

Polyaxial locking
Up to 15 degrees off axis to promote customized, patient-specific fixation.

Universal plate holes
Accept 2.7 mm and 3.5 mm locking and unlocking and 4.0 mm cancellous screws, providing greater surgical flexibility.

Precise instrumentation.

Our advanced instrumentation is designed with speed, efficiency and precision as guiding principles to enhance performance.

Fibula lengthening distractor
Threads into the proximal end of the distally locked plate to bring the fibula out to length.

Medial malleolus hook plate guide
Aids in proper plate alignment for enhanced fracture reduction.

Fracture reduction
Multiple clamp options allow for easier reduction with variations in fracture pattern and bone quality.

Single tray system.

Thoughtful design makes our tray easier and more efficient to navigate for surgeons and staff.

Comprehensive selection
Everything you need at your fingertips.

Color-coded system
Matches the implants with the instruments.

Intuitive instrumentation
Organized in order of procedure flow.

Reduce time and cost
Clean and sterilize instruments more efficiently.